The Academy of Plato before Plato: a contribution to Early Iron Age Attica

The site of the Academy lies in one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Athens, only 3 km west of the city centre and belongs to the wider area of Kolonos. Although mostly known for its association with Plato and the foundation of his philosophical school, as reflected on the modern name of the area too activity at the site goes much longer in time. In particular the excavated remains represent the best preserved settlement remains of the Geometric period known from central Athens.

Early Iron Age Academy forms part of the archaeology of early Greece within the broader frame of «Classical Archaeology». The conducted research is however multifold, since it applies both on the architectural remains, the burials of the site and the movable finds related to them, extending to issues on early feasting activities, housing, burial customs and social organisation. The ultimate aim is to offer the best insights possible to the archaeology of a settlement in Athens during the 8th century BC.

The setting up of the monograph on the early archaeology of the site would not be possible without the funding provided by MAT.

Pic 1

The architectural remains at the Academy, known as the “Sacred House”. Source: After Mazarakis Ainian 1997, fig. 132

Part of the architectural remains at the site after the recent excavation of 2015 (Photo: A. Alexandridou).

For further information, please contact Dr Alexandra Alexandridou at

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