The Mediterranean Archaeological Trust invites applications for  grants, made on a competitive basis, for expenses in 2022 – 2023, in the preparation for final publication of material from archaeological excavation or fieldwork in the Mediterranean world, excluding:

  • subventions to publishers,
  • publication of material not from a specific excavation, and
  • publication of material presented in symposia.

Within the terms of the Trust, priority may be given to publication of Mediterranean sites but the trust funds research from a diversity of sites and eras (for examples of recently funded work, please see the Featured work section). Grants for any amount, however small, will be considered, provided they expedite publication. The grants do not normally exceed £2,500 (please note the increase in the maximum grant allocation from 2020 onwards).

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on research communities, the Trustees have agreed to award a greater number of grants in the 2022 grant cycle than normal (the exact number will depend on a range of factors including the availability of funds, the number (and quality) of applications received, and the total grant requests).

Applications should be submitted via completing this Microsoft Word document: MAT_Grant_Application_Form_2022.

Please provide all the information requested on the form and send it by e-mail attachment no later than 23h59 GMT on 08 April 2022, to:

Dr Jai Clifford-Holmes –
(in case of difficulty, please contact him on: 

Please note the adjusted timeline for the 2022 grant cycle and the associated conditions (detailed on page ii of the application and reproduced at the bottom of this page).

Please follow the instructions on the form, taking care to indicate the importance of the site, your qualifications, other sources of support, and the present or planned status and place of publication. The references (which are essential) should be sent directly by the referees to the same e-mail address and must meet the deadline of 8th April 2022.

Successful applicants will be informed in mid-May 2022, and it is essential that a report on the use of the grant is submitted by the appropriate deadline. Failure to do so will mean that grant applications for the following three years will not be considered.

Additional guidelines for applicants and referees are available on the application form and are summarised below.

Applicants and their referees are encouraged to:

  1. Be succinct.
  2. Explain the importance of the material.
  3. Record any existing publication.
  4. Give a detailed breakdown of necessary costs; economical programmes will be favoured – e.g., not expensive ‘inking-ins’ or unjustified photography and analyses.
  5. Mention any sources of grants received for the project, past and current.
  6. Give a brief account of the applicant’s credentials.
  7. Give a realistic programme for publication.
  8. Ensure that referees respond with comment on the importance of the project and qualifications of the applicant.

Additional information on the adjusted timeline for the 2022 grant cycle

Please note the following adjustments to MAT’s normal timeline and the associated conditions:

    • Given the ongoing uncertainty around Covid-19, the trust recognises that grantees applying in 2022 may only be able to begin work in 2023. Successful applicants for the 2022 grants can therefore choose to receive their grant either in May 2022 or in April 2023.
    • In order to receive the grant in 2022, grantees must outline what work they expect to be able to achieve between June 2022 and December 2022.
    • Successful 2022 grantees who defer their grants to 2023 will not be eligible for an additional grant under the 2023 grant cycle.
    • Successful 2022 grantees who defer receiving their grant until 2023 will need to submit a progress report to the trust by 31st December 2023.