A selection of research is provided here to illustrate exemplary work funded by MAT each year.

Funded research in 2019

  1. Featured work (2019): The Palace and the Town at MM IIB Phaistos: The house to the west of the Middle West Court
  2. Featured work (2019): Clay Documents from Petsas House, Mycenae
  3. Featured work (2019): Motya. Final Report of the excavations carried out by Vincenzo Tusa in the so-called Luogo di Arsione (1970-1972, 1974)
  4. Featured work (2019): Final phase of study of the wall paintings from Mycenaean Thebes (1998 excavations)
  5. Featured work (2019): The Middle Bronze Age at Zincirli Höyük (Turkey): Study and publication of the ceramics assemblage from Area 2. Year 2

Funded research in 2018

  1. Featured work (2018): Staters and Obols on the Ionian Island Zakynthos – an overview of the most important coin collections
  2. Featured work (2018): The Middle Bronze Age at Zincirli Höyük (Turkey): Study and publication of the ceramic assemblage from Area 2
  3. Featured work (2018): Food, space and ceramics in Early Bronze Age Sicily: an interdisciplinary study on the site of Coste di Santa Febronia
  4. Featured work (2018): The Early Bronze Age Ceramic Roofing Tiles from Zygouries, Greece
  5. Featured work (2018): A deposit of obsidian nodules in the Middle Bronze Age Palace at Malia: Insights into raw material exchange between Melos, Gyali and Crete
  6. Featured work (2018): The North Cemetery area at Ayios Vasilios, Laconia: The pottery analysis and the history of an Early Mycenaean cemetery
  7. Featured work (2018): Long Time, No See: Land reclamation and the cultural record of central-western Thessaly, central Greece (LTNS). Publication of the prehistoric surface and excavated ceramic assemblage

Funded research in 2017

  1. The Academy of Plato before Plato: a contribution to Early Iron Age Attica
  2. Featured work (2017): the materialization of burial ideology in a Minoan community
  3. Featured work (2017): The Analysis and Publication of the Middle Bronze Age Phase from Lerna
  4. Featured work (2017): Socio-political complexity in Sicilian Early Bronze Age
  5. Featured work (2017): Study and publication of wall paintings from Mycenaean Thebes (1998 excavations)
  6. Featured work 2017: Foodways in ancient Olynthos: Agricultural Practices, Diet and Land Use in Classical Greece